Monday, 18 September 2017

My Calendar Art

Hello My name is Davis and this is my calendar art its supposed to be batman but i put Bat Davy the photo of me is me throwing a baterang at My evil enemy Joker!!!  hope you like it and put it as your calendar.THERES ONLY 40 IN THE WORLD SO GO NOW ITS ONLY $40.99

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My Week 7 Writing

Screenshot 2017-09-06 at 10.20.27 AM.png
Creetah Bear


Blacky greeny grey eyed monster


This a new type of animal called a Creetah Bear and his habitat is Living in the snow and jungle and more places we call him Sammy he lives in the zoo with the other Creetah bear

Its supposed to be Cheetah,Crocodile and a Bear. The zoo employees need to be careful going to feed Sammy and the other Creetah Bears so they put Special Vests on for if they get bitten  Don't get hurt.They if they didn’t have vests they would get hurt really bad and get poisoned they would have to go to the hospital.
By Davis Cameron

Friday, 1 September 2017

Stage Maths

so we did a veggie patch for maths and it was hard and cool i finish my task so i hope you like it Bye!

Friday, 4 August 2017

My Free Blog Post

Hi my name is Davis and this is my free choice blog post lets get into it.

My favorite sport is soccer.
My favorite soccer team is F.C Barcelona.
My favorite sibling is Rory because he comes on the trampoline with me and plays games with me
My favorite show is Henry Danger
My favorite movie is the despicable me 3 because its AWESOME and FUNNY
My favorite car is a Tesla their so fast and their electric.
so that all about me well some information about me so bye.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Name Art

           Hello Guys this is my name art i like this because it kinda looks like a city with the lines i put on it i hope you like it because i like it.I think it was hard to get the colors that i wanted it was a BIG decision of what to pick.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Maori hand games Reflection

   On Friday we did Maori hand games and people from a company that teaches people Maori hand games and my.Favorite hand game was  Hei tamu tu tama. My favorite whai game was the Wake cause Jordan Helped me make it and it was Nice and easy to do after. It was challenging to move my hand and movements.

By Davis.cameron
This is Me Ryan And Jordan.B  doing the whai

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My Reading

Native species threatened by water pipeline

April 30, 2017

An investigation has found a pipeline taking water for export on the West Coast will cut through the habitat of three native species – a rare penguin, the Hector’s dolphin and New Zealand’s most endangered kiwi.

The tawaki is known as the rainforest penguin, because it likes to live in the bush.  It is thought to be the second rarest penguin in the world.  Its population has dropped to 4000. Now a colony at Jackson Bay is threatened by a pipeline that wants to take fresh water for export.

A company, Alpine Pure, has consent for the pipeline to take water from Mt Aspiring down to a water storage area next to the penguin colony – and is seeking consent to take it five kilometres out to sea to a floating platform. The final stretch out into the Bay will cut right through the natural habitat of the penguin. And if the pipeline gets into Jackson Bay – there will be a “monobuoy” to hold the water. Tankers will be alongside it and take the water offshore, in an area that’s home to the rare Hector’s Dolphin. The pipeline is already cutting through a sanctuary for New Zealand’s rarest kiwi – the Haast tokoeka.

Prime Minister Bill English thinks the extension plan is unlikely.

1. Who are the main people and animals in this news article?
Hector's dolphin penguin alpine pure rare kiwi

2. What was the key event from the news article?
Water  pipeline

3. Whevent take place?ere did this
West coast mt aspiring

4. What do you think should happen next?

Have a meeting with the water company and the prime minister about our water and native animals

Thursday, 13 April 2017

money money money

Money, money, money                   

Make sure you show your working out and BE RESOURCEFUL
(use materials to help).

  1. Davis has $43 then finds $32, how much money does he have?
Write how you worked it out.

43+32= 75 coase in know my basic facts and 3+2=5

  1. Lachlan has $61 and is given $26, how much money does he have?
Write how you worked it out.

61+26=87 i know that coase i used the counters and the money

  1. Coby has $86 and loses $13, how much will he have left?
Write how you worked it out.

86 -13= 73

  1. Riah has $77 and loses $45, how much will she have left?
Write how you worked it out.

77-  45 7- 5 and BOOM you got 32

hi guys this is my maths called money money money please leave a comment Thank you!!!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

mohi bush walk

At camp we went to mohi bush to have a walk.It was the biggest walk i have ever done.We saw a lot of poop and it wasn't myn one was huge and josh stepped in it.There was a lot of pink flags around us because we needed to know where the track was.I saw a beautiful tui.It looked scary cause it had red eyes it looked like a demon.We saw a huge hole it was 5 meters down it looked like the black hole.I cried coase we saw a bull and it was pretty big bull i thought it was going to ram me but it biggest fear is probably bulls cause i saw a guy getting rammed on the news it looked painful.i saw a ruru and it was really quiet but then it started making noises and it hurt my ears it sounded like PAKAK it was really annoying.When we went right into the bush we saw a tui and it came right up to me and it started peaking my shoe and its beak went threw my shoe and it made me bleed.when we were in the van we started singing and then i fell asleep and Alissa fell asleep to.When we got back to camp we had rotation activate it was fun and we and showers and then we went to sleep it was a amazing day.