Thursday, 23 March 2017

mohi bush walk

At camp we went to mohi bush to have a walk.It was the biggest walk i have ever done.We saw a lot of poop and it wasn't myn one was huge and josh stepped in it.There was a lot of pink flags around us because we needed to know where the track was.I saw a beautiful tui.It looked scary cause it had red eyes it looked like a demon.We saw a huge hole it was 5 meters down it looked like the black hole.I cried coase we saw a bull and it was pretty big bull i thought it was going to ram me but it biggest fear is probably bulls cause i saw a guy getting rammed on the news it looked painful.i saw a ruru and it was really quiet but then it started making noises and it hurt my ears it sounded like PAKAK it was really annoying.When we went right into the bush we saw a tui and it came right up to me and it started peaking my shoe and its beak went threw my shoe and it made me bleed.when we were in the van we started singing and then i fell asleep and Alissa fell asleep to.When we got back to camp we had rotation activate it was fun and we and showers and then we went to sleep it was a amazing day.